"Color of Sorrow", Unnamed Artist. Wax on Paper.
A colorful portrait made of wax, outlined in marker. The portrait's colors are a beautiful opposition to the range of human emotions displayed; sorrow, hope, and curiosity. The portrait sits on an orange mat board, glass glazing, and gold gilded...
"My Love", Maxine Holman Smith. Oil on Canvas.
  Maxine Holman Smith created a vessel of playful red and pink roses with the compliments of blue blooms. The scene is captured in a window seal as golden hour approaches the day. Each flower is textured, which adds depth...
"Unnamed", Bryten Goss, 2001. Oil on linen, original.
Bryten Goss was born August 23,1976 in Los Angeles, he died October 26--at the age of 30 years old. He was a self-taught contemporary American figurative painter. He was known for his female figurative art, skeptical illustrations, displaying raw human...
1930s Retro Martini Glass Set
A beautiful set of four 1930s martini glasses with an elegant stem designed to enhance the presentation of your cocktail. Condition: ExcellentDimensions: 3”x 5.4”Capacity: 3.6 oz. per glass
1966 Red Teacup & Saucer
Charming 1966 vintage Shenango China Royal Castle teacup and saucer. This red and white transferware features a saucer with a floral band and a center design of a coach riding his horse. The exterior of the teacup is surrounded by...
Adore Garden Box
Show your appreciation for that special someone, your galentine, or secret admirer by delighting them with a bespoke Adore Garden bundle. The Adore Garden Experience  is carefully packaged in a soft matte black magnetic box, lined with forest moss, laced...
Amour Garden Box
Entice that special someone, your galentine, or secret admirer by delighting them with a bespoke Amour Garden bundle. The Amour Garden Experience is carefully packaged in a soft matte black magnetic box, lined with forest moss, laced with elegant satin...
Architectural Digest at 100: A Century of Style
A rich visual history of Architectural Digest, published for the magazine’s 100th anniversary. Architectural Digest at 100 celebrates the best from the pages of the international design authority. The editors have delved into the archives and culled years of rich...
Bella Pepper Cocktail Kit
Enjoy this savory summertime cocktail infused with cold-pressed red bell pepper juice, notes of citrus, hot honey for a hint of warmth, and a dramatic black sea salt rim. You have the option to include a custom note! Servings: 2 cocktails....
Black Lava Salt
Our Black Lava Salt has a crisp and slightly smoky flavor. It’s harvested in Hawaii and gets its rich color from the charcoal from volcanoes. It’s the perfect finishing salt due to its coarse grained texture and deep color. It’ll...
Black Mango Wood & Aged Bronze Cocktail Shaker
Mix your cocktails in this sleek, modern, Aged Bronze Cocktail Shaker with a handmade black mango wood top. The use of metal and wood enhance the cylindrical silhouette. A great addition to your home bar. Measurements: 2.75″ x 9.12″ Imbued...
Black Mango Wood Board
This Black Mango Wood Board is a bold addition to your kitchen or charcuterie party. Your favorite dishes or accouterments will offer an excellent contrast to this beautifully black brushed wood board.  Measurements: 19.5″ x 14.25″ Imbued with a food-safe...
Black Marble Cylinder
Contemporary black marble cylinder bowl made by artisans in Mexico City, Mexico. Made from raw marble, polished and finished by hand. No stone is equal to another. Each piece has its own fingerprint. Dimensions: 10" W x 3" H
Black Onyx Crystal Decanter
An elegant crystal decanter designed by Ann Cichon features black onyx and mixed metals embellishments. This decanter has an ornate fitted stopper and is comprised of rippled crystal that gives it the ultimate sparkle. A very unique piece to add...
Blue Enoch Wedgewood Plates
Vintage Enoch Wedgewood plates that feature beautiful hand engravings of an English countryside. This classic blue and white transferware was produced in the mid 1960’s.   Condition: Great Dimensions: 10”
Cement Pinch Bowl Set
Our Cement Pinch Bowl Set is perfect for storing your go-to salts and spices to make them easily accessible in your kitchen. Also, great for storing accouterments on your charcuterie board, such as nuts, dried fruit, or olives. Measurements: 3.75"...
Dainty Hand Wrapped Bouquet
Gift your Mother a dainty bouquet featuring whimsical white ranunculus and peonies, paired with select green stems of artichoke, amaranthus, and Japanese Allium Snake Ball. Hand-wrapped in black paper, tied with a champagne Chiffon ribbon. A simple yet classic statement...
Essential Salt
The Essential Salt is a beautiful blend of Kosher sea salt flakes, shallots, roasted garlic, garlic, orange peel, parsley, red pepper flakes, and tellicherry black pepper. This universal salt has depth, is well balanced, and is the essential ingredient for...
Finishing Salt
The flavor of our flaky salt is very clean and fresh. It’s beautiful pyramid shape adds the perfect amount of crunch and texture to your dish. This finishing salt is great for topping it on seared steak, fish, vegetables, honey...
Garden of Citrine Box
Gift this beautiful Garden of Citrine Box as a celebratory gesture, or to let that special someone know you're thinking of them. It includes the ingredients and tools to make Live Moore's signature French 22 cocktail, light and chewy lemon...
Garlic & Shallot
Our salt-free Garlic and Shallot blend includes roasted garlic, garlic, shallots, parsley, and lemon zest. This blend will add a level of depth and richness to your dish. It's savory, slightly sweet, and has a hint of citrus. It simplifies...
Gold Mini Spoon Set
Matte gold mini spoons, great for placing in your pinch bowls, adding to charcuterie boards, or stirring espresso. Measurements: 3.5″ Set includes 4 mini spoons Imbued with a food-safe coating CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Hand wash with mild soap. Avoid citrus-based detergents or...
Green Sapphire Margarita Cocktail Kit
This refreshing cocktail starts with cold-pressed cucumber juice, enhanced with a spicy kick of fresh jalapeno juice, and completed with Tequila and Tajin rim for a tangy finish. You have the option to include a custom note! Servings: 2 cocktails. ...
Herbed Salt
Our Herbed Salt features a lovely bouquet of herbs such as thyme, wild oregano, and rosemary and is finished with the citrus essence of natural lemon oil. This salt will enhance the flavor of seafood, poultry, and salad dressings.   

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