"Unnamed", Bryten Goss, 2001. Oil on linen, original.
Bryten Goss was born August 23,1976 in Los Angeles, he died October 26--at the age of 30 years old. He was a self-taught contemporary American figurative painter. He was known for his female figurative art, skeptical illustrations, displaying raw human...
Mustard Hygeia Sculpture
A monochromatic mustard portrait of Hygeia made of ceramic. Hygeia is the ancient Greek goddess of good health. She ensures good health for body and soul to all that invite her in their home.  This historic and decorative sculpture is...
"Color of Sorrow", Unnamed Artist. Wax on Paper.
A colorful portrait made of wax, outlined in marker. The portrait's colors are a beautiful opposition to the range of human emotions displayed; sorrow, hope, and curiosity. The portrait sits on an orange mat board, glass glazing, and gold gilded...
"My Love", Maxine Holman Smith. Oil on Canvas.
  Maxine Holman Smith created a vessel of playful red and pink roses with the compliments of blue blooms. The scene is captured in a window seal as golden hour approaches the day. Each flower is textured, which adds depth...
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